An image of 3 Children, 2 Dentists and a toothbrush with floss.
An image of a young boy with a large open mouth smile, A little girl brushing her teeth and a smiling family.
An image of 3 generations of women smiling, A young girl and a middle age woman brushing her teeth.
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An image of a group of young children with open mouths in a circle, A mother and daughter brushing their teeth, And a father and daughter.
An image of a group of Children smiling with their thumbs up.
An image of a group of children lying in a circle smiling as well as smiling students in a classroom.


At Destiny Dental, we strive to provide access to quality dental care to children throughout our community. By providing care today, we can help prevent serious health problems from occurring later in the child's life. To reach as many children as possible in our community, Destiny Dental builds relationships with local daycare centers, schools, other healthcare providers and community organizations that are working hard to meet the needs of our children. We partner with these groups to educate their members on the need for good oral health which leads to healthier bodies and minds and a positive self-esteem.

Although tooth decay is almost completely preventable, it is the most common chronic disease among children, affecting five times as many children as asthma. Without good oral health, you can’t have good general health, yet a large percentage of children do not receive recommended preventative and primary oral health care.

Access to quality dental care. It’s the right thing to do. It leads to more productive lives, alleviates suffering and saves us all on medical costs. If you are interested in being a Community Partner, please call any of our offices and ask for the Office Manager.